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Friday, July 5, 2013

Forbes: Unchecked Rhetoric of Josh Fox Discourages Serious Discussion of Legitimate Drilling Concerns

From Forbes:
By employing scare tactics and misrepresentation, activists like Fox not only ruin their own credibility, they divert public attention from serious environmentalists and real concerns:  is there a problem with leakage at natural gas wellheads?  Are a significant number of well casings defective?  What is the relative balance of greenhouse gas emissions that result from greater use of fracking?
A friend chastised me once for disparaging celebrity activism, telling me of an actor who was quite well informed on the issue in which she was involved, and I certainly don’t feel Hollywood (or Broadway) has any less right to their opinions than the rest of us.  But promoting work like Gasland I or II tends to reaffirm their reputation as intellectual lightweights and detract from serious environmental concerns.
Read the whole article here.

Do you agree?  Do Josh Fox's efforts to inflame people against fracking encourage people to take on an honest examination and discussion of the issue, or does it only serve to further harden everyone into their existing view on the matter of drilling?

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