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Friday, July 26, 2013

Alex Epstein Has Advice for the Industry in Dealing With Josh Fox and Gasland Part II

Alex Epstein
From Forbes:
On July 8, Gasland, Part II came out to much fanfare. The movie’s thesis is that the oil and gas industry is, through hydraulic fracturing and political manipulation, destroying our planet-especially our drinking water. Numerous specific companies are cast as villains, such as Cabot Energy, Devon Energy and Range Resources. And, not surprisingly, the media has given the film, and filmmaker Josh Fox, loads of positive coverage-even though the movie has been thoroughly refuted. What can the industry do to respond effectively?
In my experience, a lot. As an energy philosopher who routinely argues on college campuses for the big-picture benefits of fossil fuels, I know firsthand that it’s possible to inoculate Americans against anti-energy propaganda. But it requires a radically different approach than most in the oil and gas industry are used to.
Here are six tactics that my organization, Center for Industrial Progress, and our clients use.
Read about the six tactics by clicking here.

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