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Monday, July 29, 2013

7/29/13 Links of the Day: Fracking Protest in Warren, Gas Industry's Evil Plan Includes Free Hot Dogs, and More

Youngstown Vindicator:  200 protest fracking at Warren rally

Shale Reporter:  Food, fun and fracking: Cabot Annual Picnic

New York Times:  Gangplank to a warm future (Cornell's Anthony Ingraffea continues his anti-gas activist efforts)

Grand Forks Herald:  Fracking does not put N.D. groundwater at serious risk

Youngstown Vindicator:  Son of anti-fracking initiative deserves to be dead on arrival (the case is made against the reintroduction of defeated fracking ban charter amendment)

Oil & Gas Law Report:  Part 2: Who Owns the Minerals Under Ohio Township Section 16?

Maryland Daily Record:  Devonian: Another player in natural gas boom

Akron Beacon Journal:  Limited Upper Devonian drilling in Southeast Ohio

The Argus:  Two more arrests at Balcombe fracking protest

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