$1.3 Billion Gas-Fired Power Plant Coming to Wellsville

From S&P Global Platts:
South Field Energy has selected engineering firm Bechtel to design and build its $1.3 billion, 1,182-MW South Field Energy combined-cycle natural gas plant located in the heart of Ohio's shale patch amid a regional shift in the power generation mix away from coal, Bechtel said Monday. 
South Field Energy is an affiliate of Switzerland-based, privately owned Advanced Power, which has offices in Boston. Bechtel will be responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the power plant, which will use General Electric power generation equipment including two natural gas turbines. The plant will be a dual-fuel facility with ultra low sulfur diesel used as back-up. 
A two-mile, 20-inch-diameter gas pipeline also will be built to link the plant with an existing Dominion pipeline about two miles west of the 86.5-acre plant site located in the Village of Wellsville. The plant will be owned by an investor group comprising Advanced Power, Kyushu Electric Power, NH-Amundi Asset Management and PIA Investment Management, RS Global Capital Investment (a joint venture between Development Bank of Japan and Showa Shell Sekiyu), Shikoku Electric Power Co., and an affiliate of Bechtel Development.

Upon completion in the second quarter of 2021, Advanced Power will manage the gas-fired plant and its energy, capacity and ancillary services will be sold into PJM Interconnection markets.
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