Pipeline Company Sued After Spill Near Family's Home

From The Intelligencer:
Scarcely more than 1-month-old on Oct. 19, tiny Amelia Gantzer couldn’t have been ready for pipeline contractors to surround her home with noisy trucks, machines and hoses for about a month to clean up a drilling fluid spill. 
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency spokesman James Lee said officials cited Texas-based Summit Midstream Partners for an unauthorized release of bentonite clay into the stream along Belmont County Road 5 on Oct. 19. Charles and Kacey Gantzer, Amelia’s parents, live in a home along this stream near the community of Glencoe, along with their other daughter, 18-month-old Adaline. 
“At times, the noise was so loud, it was difficult to hear my 2-month-old baby crying in the next room,” Kacey Gantzer said regarding the company’s cleanup efforts. 
“No one should ever feel like they are trapped in their own home.” 
The stream in question, commonly known as Williams Creek, flows toward Glencoe, which is south of St. Clairsville and west of Bellaire. It eventually empties into McMahon Creek, which leads to the Ohio River. Christian Turak said the family’s previously serene atmosphere in the relatively isolated setting gave way to “absolute chaos” Oct. 19.
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