Ohio First Responders Get Prepared for Emergencies at Shale Safety Institute 2016

From The Daily Jeffersonian:
For the third year in a row, Belmont College welcomed local first responders to Shale Safety Institute 2016, a partnership between Belmont College and Hess Corporation. More than 40 fire and EMS stations were represented at the event which was designed to prepare local emergency agencies to respond in emergency situations, including incidents in the oilfield in a safe and confident manner.
“Energy development in the Ohio Valley has presented many great opportunities, including a stronger local economy and incredible advancements and research. With this development has also brought a heightened awareness regarding safety issues.” said Dr. Paul Gasparro, Belmont College president. 
He went on to say, “We are so grateful to Hess Corporation for their commitment to the local community and our first responders. Through the Shale Safety Institute, first responders and emergency service personnel are receiving the highly relevant training and education they need to be able to respond to oilfield related incidents and keep our communities safe.” 
“We’re proud to say that this is our third year of our partnership with Belmont College to host the Shale Safety Institute. We have a safety-first culture where our ultimate goal is zero incidents. First responders are critical to this community and we hope this training provides them with some of the tools they would need to respond in the event of an oil and gas emergency,” said Rob Williams, Hess manager of operations, Utica.
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