Marathon Using Utica Shale Oil to Produce Gasoline in Ohio

From The Plain Dealer:
Marathon Petroleum's 85-year-old refinery is once more using Ohio crude oil to make gasoline for motorists here and around the state.

The clear light oils -- known as "condensates" because they can be condensed out of natural gas -- are not like the Ohio oils the plant began refining when it opened in 1931.

And they are not like the various crude oils the refinery has been using in recent years, none of it from old Ohio vertical wells. 
For one thing, the condensates are naturally very low in sulfur, an element federal regulators want taken out of fuels. Condensates also don't cost as much as other crude oils. And they contain a low-octane gasoline, even before they are refined. 
The light oils are coming from Utica shale wells in Southeast Ohio.
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