Carroll County Gas-Fired Power Plant Construction is On Track

From Gas & Oil:
A couple of miles north of Carrollton, Ohio, on what used to be a bean field just off state Route 9, construction crews have been working around the clock to build a facility that will produce 700 megawatts of electricity using a 21st-century approach that leaves coal-based methods in the annals of the energy industry. 
The $900-million project is the Carroll County Energy power plant. When completed, the facility's combined-cycle system will use not coal but natural gas to produce electricity. 
The system uses natural gas to heat air that turns a turbine connected to a generator, which creates electricity. Exhaust heat from the gas turbine is then used to heat water, which creates steam to turn a second turbine connected to a second generator. The result: even more electricity. 
The method produces power with nearly twice the efficiency of coal-fired plants while producing less than 50 percent of the carbon emissions that coal-based methods use, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. 
Carroll County Energy is the first of three plants in Ohio to use this natural-gas-fired system.
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