Study of Carroll and Surrounding Counties Finds No Water Contamination From Fracking

From the Times Reporter:
The study looked at water quality in five counties — Carroll, Columbiana, Stark, Harrison and Belmont — with a focus on Carroll County, which has been the epicenter of the Utica Shale boom in eastern Ohio. 
Water was sampled three to four times per year from 23 wells from 2012 to February 2015. A total of 191 samples were taken. 
Researchers were trying to determine whether hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, creates dangerous levels of methane in well water. 
“The good news is that our study did not document that fracking was directly linked to water contamination,” said Dr. Amy Townsend-Small of the University of Cincinnati, who presented the findings Thursday at a meeting of Carroll Concerned Citizens. 
“That’s just in the samples that we took in our study period.” she said. “That’s not to say contamination has not happened in this area or that it hasn’t happened in some of our participants’ wells since we stopped our study last year.”
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Interestingly, Dr. Townsend-Small went on to say that some of the groups that had been providing funding for the study have now abandoned it because they didn't get the results that they thought they were paying for.

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