Senator Rob Portman Finds Out About Shale Impacts During Visit to Carroll County

From the Carrollton Free Press Standard:
Republican Senator Rob Portman learned how shale drilling is affecting Carroll County first hand last week. 
Portman met with local business, community, and government leaders at Atwood Lake Lodge Thursday for an informal round table discussion. 
Portman initiated the conversation, saying he wanted to hear the prosz and the cons regarding the development of the Utica Shale in the area. 
“This boom has put Ohio on the map. Washington D. C. is talking about Ohio,” he said. 
One of the problems on the federal level, according to Portman, is permitting of public land. Federal and public lands and permitting for oil and gas development is an issue that Portman and others have been trying to address. 
Regulations are another issue that six agencies in the government feel needs addressed. Portman said the current regulations date back to the 1970’s. 
“We need to be safe and environmentally safe, too. We want good operators,” continued Portman. 
On a recent turkey hunting trip to Guernsey County, Portman said he couldn’t find a hotel room. And that was a good thing. The oil and gas workers are making their presence known in many counties in the state but Carroll County leads the way in development of those resources.
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