15 New Permits Issued for Utica Shale Drilling

The latest permitting update from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources shows that last week was exceptionally active for new permits compared to other holiday weeks in the past.

15 new permits were issued.  6 were for wells in Monroe County, 4 for Carroll County, 3 for Belmont County, and 2 for Jefferson County.  5 of the 15 permits were issued to Gulfport Energy (3 in Belmont, 2 in Monroe), while the rest went to Chesapeake Energy (4), American Energy Utica (2), CNX Gas Company (2), and Antero Resources (2).

This activity pushes the total number of permits issued to 1,652, with 1,204 wells drilled (an increase of 4 from last week) and 698 producing (no change from last week).  The Utica rig count is up to 53.

Read the whole report here.

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