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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Utica Shale Questions Being Answered as More Information Comes to Light

From The Motley Fool:
Last week, that coveted report from the Ohio DNR was made public, and it helped to answer a lot of questions that many investors may have had. Let's look at three pressing questions for the Utica formation and see whether we can start to solve this shale puzzle.
1. What other formation is this most comparable with: Bakken, Eagle Ford, Marcellus?
Many exploration companies and investors were hoping that the Utica would be a much more oil-rich play than its neighbor the Marcellus. It appears, though, that this isn't the case. Reports from several companies that explored for oil in the Utica found that the oil part of the play didn't have enough underground pressure to get the oil to the surface without some more advanced techniques. A couple of companies are taking a stab at the oil region of the play. Halcon Resources (NYSE: HK  ) is one of those companies and has plans to spend about $200 million on wells in the Utica, most of which will focus on the oil play in northern Ohio. The company expects to release results on these wells in the third quarter, which should give us a clearer picture of the oil window.
At the same time, though, the Utica is not a dry gas-heavy play, either. Chesapeake Energy(NYSE: CHK  )  and Gulfport Energy (NASDAQ: GPOR  ) , two of the most prominent companies in the Utica, seem to have focused in on the wet-gas part of the play. 
Read about the two other pressing questions that are discussed by clicking here. 

It is certainly a strong hope of many that Ohio chooses to go to quarterly production reports instead of only annual ones, as the picture will continue to become clearer on the Utica shale in much shorter order than if we have to wait a year at a time for updates.

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