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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reality Show About Ohio Oil Company Not Well-Received

The reviews are starting to pop up after last night's premiere of Blood and Oil on The Discovery Channel, and they are far from glowing.  The show follows Ohio's family-run Cutter Oil Company.  What follows is a sampling of the feedback.

"There's a lot about Blood and Oil that screams redneck, not roughneck, though a few short interviews with some actual roughnecks who work for the Cutters is the best thing about the show so far. The roughnecks have harrowing stories and haunted looks, mixed with a calm acceptance of their lot. To spend more time with them would be an education, but unfortunately, viewers are thrown right back into the mix with the Cutters, who attempt to coin something called "Cutter Style," which essentially boils down to violence and drama." - The Hollywood Reporter (read the whole review here)

"Within seconds of its first episode, it’s clear that “Blood and Oil” is a dry hole — and whatever other oil puns you’d like to add, including the obvious crude. The real energy source being explored here is the potential richness found in exhibitionism. In a genre in which a family of goobers who make duck calls can usurp the Kardashian clan’s supremacy, who can blame the Cutters for trying their luck as TV stars?

But this is one of those occasions when a viewer can tell that what actually happened was clearly not enough to appease the basic demands of a docu-series." - The Washington Post (read the whole review here)

"Now with big oil taking over the local farms, the Cutters — or make that one Cutter, a son named CJ — wants to get back in the oil game big time, using half a million in family funds to do it. Or maybe he just wants to be a reality star.

Either way, he comes off in “Blood and Oil” as such a boring reality-fake — spouting such fake dialogue that he will make you root for Goliath to win this fight.

The whole setup is insulting. For example, when CJ’s sister, Kristin, is away, CJ sneaks giant, heavy equipment and a 100-foot-high rig to drill in her backyard, supposedly without her knowledge. I guess no permits are required in Ohio." - New York Post (read the whole review here)

The reaction from viewers on Twitter wasn't much better.

But there was one fan of CJ Cutter out there:

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1 comment :

  1. cj is a hero. I hope you break thru the granite and strike it rich and at big oil cutter style. bring your crazy cj. you got the best show on tv right now, can't wait until tonight man. my whole town is rooting for you


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