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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

PA State Rep. Who Attacked Constituents in Internet Commenting Railed Against "Internet Tough Guys" in 2011 Editorial

PA State Rep. Jesse White already looked bad for using false identities to launch personal attacks against constituents who supported gas drilling on the Internet, while using those same false identities to praise himself.  But when one compares his actions to a 2011 editorial he wrote, he looks even worse.  An excerpt:
Despite “terms of service” demanding discussions be civil, on topic and free of personal attacks, the comments are often anything but. I regularly observe hateful, spiteful, untrue personal attacks that have nothing whatsoever to do with the topic. People tell me their comments never make it online, even though they are non-offensive and on topic. Allowing anonymous, non-factual and malicious comments to be posted is irresponsible, lacking in journalistic integrity and indefensible for any organization claiming to be a legitimate news source in the twenty-first century.
In case you didn't read up before on what White did, check it out here and here.  Read the rest of that 2011 article by White here.

In related news, voters and newspapers are urging White to resign in the wake of last week's revelations.

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