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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Book Praised for "Clarity" in Discussion of Development and Implications of Shale Energy

From The Economist comes a review of a book by Michael Levi entitled The Power Surge: Energy, Opportunity and the Battle for America’s Future:
Mr Levi begins his book with a story about a man called Tar Baby, who works at a shale well in rural Ohio. Mr Baby, and thousands like him, are scouring America’s shale beds. They are helped by new and somewhat contentious technology that releases vast caches of natural gas in deeply buried rock called “fracking”. This process uses water, sand and chemicals under pressure, together with horizontal drilling through the shale beds, to release vast quantities of gas and oil from impermeable rocks that are deep underground. 
The book’s main strength is the clarity with which the author explains the development of shale exploitation and assesses the implications of the shale boom. Fracking remains controversial among environmentalists, who say the process may contaminate groundwater or cause earthquakes. Concerns over possible long-term effects have led to a ban on the technology in New York and some other states. But there is scant evidence that the process is dangerous.
Read the whole review here. 

You can purchase the book here. 

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