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Monday, June 17, 2013

Industry Responds to Study Stating That Fracking is Dangerous to Children & Pregnant Women

Last week we linked to an article on a new report which concluded that fracking posed a serious danger to pregnant women and to children.

Industry-backed Energy in Depth has responded:
An outfit calling itself the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) released a report last week called “Toxic and Dirty Secrets: The Truth about Fracking and Your Family’s Heath.” The thesis? That the continued use (and even mere existence) of hydraulic fracturing – a well stimulation technology that’s been in commercial use now for more than 65 years – poses a dire and immediate threat to pregnant women and children all across the nation. Yikes! Thankfully, as we show below, the CEH paper is more about political science than it is about the actual stuff, and in some cases hilariously so. 
Unfortunately, the exploitation of children has become a popular strategy among those seeking to prevent responsible resource development, pulled straight from a playbook that encourages activists to “[not] worry about highly technical information,” and instead use props that will help tell your story and elicit an emotional reaction. 
True to form, the CEH paper doesn’t “worry about highly technical information” either — it simply recycles debunked claims from previously flawed reports and puts them all together in one package, specifically tailored for the press. The only thing missing? Believe it or not, despite its scary-sounding title, the report includes not one, single, real-world example of an adverse health impact being caused by the use of hydraulic fracturing. Or, in other words: the very thing the report claims in its title to be, um, reporting on.
You can read the whole article by clicking here. 

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