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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How Extensive is the Impact to People's Health in the Wake of Exxon's Pipeline Spill?

From Policymic:
Exxon has shown us that the residents of Mayflower cannot take the company at its word about the safety of its waterways. It's foolish to assume we can trust the company's evaluation of the air quality in Mayflower, when we now know they attempted to cover up public safety issues.
Those who have have suffered health problems are not sure where to turn. No central health clinic has been set up for them, and most family doctors have no experience diagnosing or treating this type of chemical exposure. Residents have found doctors lacking the knowledge to treat them. Most medical schools do not have expertise in  environmental health concerns, andattempts to secure federal funding for specialized doctors to train local doctors on these types of medical issues have failed in the past.
Exxon has clearly shown that the company is willing to lie about safety issues in order to serve its own interests. We should believe the residents of Mayflower over a company that has shown it is willing to leave people in harm's way in order to preserve its public image. Unfortunately for Exxon, the sick residents of Mayflower aren't going away, and they aren't willing to remain silent.
Read the whole article here. 

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