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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fracktivist Draws Similarities Between Fracking & Yogurt

It seems like a strange comparison to look at the waste water that is produced by yogurt and fracking activities and try to find a point that's worth making.  Shale Reporter gives it a shot, though:
Would you imagine that Greek yogurt is a significant source of water pollution? And, why would a blog post about hydraulic fracturing discuss a food trend?
Simple: the meteoric rise in popularity of Greek yogurt and the fracking boom have similar negative impacts on water quality. Both are responsible for the production of millions of gallons of water that can't be disposed of in the usual ways. All the tainted water that's produced as a byproduct of each product needs to go somewhere – on a truck -- many times, over narrow country roads.
Sound familiar? The action of producing a product has the reaction of producing byproducts.
The difference is that the dairy industry is working to find uses for that contaminated water. It's especially helpful, too, that they know what's in that byproduct.
Of course, that last paragraph is misleading.  It suggests that the oil and gas industry is not working to find uses for the waste water that is produced from fracking, which is not true.

Read the rest here.  Do you feel that the author of this article succeeds in finding a point worth making in the comparison between yogurt and fracking?

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