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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Energy in Depth Introduces Reorganized Website

From an IPAA press release:
Key features of the new EID site include:
·One Stop News Source.As the EID program has expanded over the years, new regional planks have gradually been added to the platform – first in Pennsylvania and New York, then in Ohio and California. Previously, each of these satellite programs maintained its own website and social media presence separate and apart from EID’s national platform. With the launch of EID’s new web portal ( today, all of these state and regional efforts will be consolidated under one program, with users now having the ability to filter and access content on the site in a way that’s tailored to their specific needs and interests – broken down specifically by state or region. The new EID site currently hosts state-specific tabs for Ohio, Calif., Illinois, Michigan and Texas, and regional pages for the Marcellus (Pa., N.Y., and W.Va.) and Mountain States (Colo., Nev., Mont., and Utah). Additional tabs are expected to be added in the coming months.
·Focus on Video Series.As part of today’s news, EID also announced the launch of new web-video series that will address and correct some of the most common and pervasive myths impacting the present debate over the development of oil and natural gas from shale. First up in the queue: a short video busting the myth of high radon content in the Marcellus Shale, a talking point that opponents of an important new pipeline project in New York frequently cite as a reason to stop development. Additional videos in a similar format will be released on the website every couple weeks.
“EID has always been known for great content,” added Eshelman. “But if we expect to reach and engage new audiences about the promise and potential of responsible resource development, we’re going to need more than just fact sheets and issue alerts. We’re going to need smart and compelling digital and multimedia content that can be shared across multiple platforms, and presented in a way that’s relevant, actionable and -- yes – even entertaining to the folks we’re trying to reach. The launch of this new web video series is a big step forward in that effort, and one we’re hoping will help us move the needle on these issues even more in the future.”
You can read the whole release here.

Anti-drilling blog "No Fracking Way" was quick to respond, calling the redesigned site the equivalent of putting "a pretty red bow on a pile of dog poop."  I don't know what more to say, except that you can read that entire post by clicking here.  

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