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Friday, June 21, 2013

Does Flurry of Columbiana County Leasing Activity Mean That Flurry of Drilling is Imminent?

From the Salem News:
Fifty-one new oil and gas drilling leases recorded from May 8 to 24 were in Columbiana County with most of them in the northern part of the county.
There were 20 leases in Salem Township, 12 in Unity Township and five in Fairfield Township, representing the majority of leases signed.
All of the leases in Salem Township were with Chesapeake Exploration LLC, while four of the leases in Fairfield Township were with Chesapeake and one was with Atlas Noble LLC.
The article also includes an update on the natural gas processing plant in Kensington which was originally projected to be up and running last month:
"It seems to be what's going on is pipeline," [Columbiana County Engineer Bert Dawson] said, adding that M3 Midstream Energy natural gas processing and NGL refinery in Kensington is expected to come on line at the end of July. 
Read the whole article here.

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