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Friday, June 14, 2013

Consol Energy Not Backing Away From Utica Shale

From Farm and Dairy:
Consol Energy has its roots in coal mining, but definitely sees a future in natural gas production.
Harry Schurr, general manager of Utica shale operations for Consol Energy, spoke June 14 at the fifth annual Columbiana Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast. He said the company considers itself the “hometown player” since it began coal mining and leased the mineral rights to many acres in 1860s, meaning the company has leased local acres for years, starting with coal mining. He said that in some cases Consol has been involved with four generations of the same family on many parcels of land.
When the company made the decision to begin drilling operations in the Utica shale, the company established a base in Leetonia.
Read the whole article right here. 

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