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Monday, June 17, 2013

Carroll County Looks at the Good and Bad of Shale Boom

From the Canton Repository:
Carroll County has 52 of the 102 producing Utica wells, and accounts for 40 percent the 711 drilling permits, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The county is also home to pipeline and processing projects that will take the gas to customers. 
Shale drilling has brought positives to Carroll County, officials said. They noted the $40 million in road upgrades paid for by drillers, the 31 percent increase in sales tax revenue and the opportunity to recruit former residents back to the community. 
At the same time, inflated rental rates are squeezing low- and middle-income families, increased traffic is wearing out state routes and students need more education and guidance to prepare them for jobs in the oil and gas industry. 
Some residents view what’s happening as the best of times, for others it’s the worst of times, said County Commissioner Robert Wirkner, who asked what happens when the county has to pay for expanded services and the drillers and pipeline builders have moved on.
Read the entire article by clicking here. 

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