What is Fracking?

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  1. Fracking is not new, what is new is Horizontal drilling. The volumes being infected are larger because the AREA BEING TREATED IS LARGER THEN BEFORE but that is the difference. The Wells are taking in an area at least 15 times the area of an old Clinton Well in these areas and some Clinton Wells were fraced with as much as 4000 BBL or 168,000 gallons but normally just about !00,000 gallons so if you do the math that's would equate to a normal 1,500,000 gallons. Science should be everyone's friend so let's try using it including ODNR and having a few engineers from the fracing companies work with those who work for ODNR would speed the process if only they would all use facts to come to a solution instead of greed and hype.

  2. The fact remains that fracking fluids are toxic and are not named by companies citing trade secrets . Long after the oil and gas industry leaves our area we will possibly be left with a legacy of pollution while the industry fat cats count their profits . All the studies are on short term conequences of fracking not what it will leave your children . Look at the cancer rates in Louisiana to see your possible future.


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