Risberg Pipeline Construction Enters Ohio

From the Star Beacon:
Construction on the Risberg natural gas pipeline has started in Ohio, near the state line. 
Pipe segments lined an area of clear ground south of Interstate 90 Wednesday, marking the path of the Risberg Pipeline. Construction started at the end of another pipeline in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and work has now entered Ohio, as the $86 million pipeline is getting closer and closer to it's end-point in North Kingsville. 
The pipeline includes 16 miles of new pipeline in Pennsylvania and 12 miles of new pipeline in Ohio.

"I don't think it's possible to overstate the need (for natural gas)," Conneaut City Manager Jim Hockaday said. 
Growth Partnership Executive Director Greg Myers has said in the past that the county has lost out on investment and job opportunities because of lack of access to natural gas. 
Work on the project started in March, with crews clearing land along the pipeline's path. At the time, the project was expected to finish in early summer, with some help from the weather.
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