Rover Pipeline Capacity Increases With Approval to Start Up Compressor Station in Wayne County

From NGI:
FERC on Wednesday authorized Rover Pipeline LLC to bring its Mainline Compressor Station 2 in Ohio into service, raising total project capacity to just over 2 Bcf/d as the designed 3.25 Bcf/d interstate pipeline readies for full service later this year. 
In a letter order posted to the project docket, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff gave Rover the go-ahead to start up the approximately 38,000 hp station, which is located in Wayne County, OH. 
In a request submitted earlier this month, Rover said it had finished installing and commissioning the station’s six units. The additional compression will grow Rover’s mainline capacity to 2,015 MMcf/d “and enhance its operational efficiency,” the pipeline told FERC.
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