Rover Pipeline Faces More Scrutiny from Ohio EPA Thanks to Stormwater Overflow

From The Columbus Dispatch:
The Rover pipeline is in trouble again, this time for storm water overflows on farm fields along its construction route. 
In a statement released Friday, Rover Pipeline officials responded to complaints from Ohio farmers regarding overflows that the company said are caused by recent rainfalls. Heavy rain has caused pipeline trenches and work spaces to fill with water and spill onto fields. 
Texas-based Energy Transfer, which is building the $4.2 billion underground pipeline route, said it is working with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Energy Regulatory Agency, as well as the farmers, to remove the water. 
“Rainfall in Ohio this spring has not been unprecedented,” Ohio EPA spokesman James Lee said in an email statement. “Had Rover better planned their storm water management, they would have been aware that rain is common in Ohio during the months of April and May.” 
This isn’t the first time Rover has had to apologize for its actions.
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Meanwhile, activists are appealing to the FERC to stop construction on the pipeline.  From Livingston Daily:
Grassroots groups in Michigan and Ohio filed a complaint Wednesday asking the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to halt construction of Energy Transfer's Rover Pipeline through the two states and reopen an environmental impact review because of recent environmental incidents.

Michigan Residents Against the ET Rover Pipeline and Ohio-based non-profit FreshWater Accountability Project are asking FERC to revoke the certificate issued to the company in February that allowed it to start building the 42-inch natural gas pipeline, which is not yet in operation.

"It's going to be an uphill fight, but we put together a string of pretty irresponsible actions by ET Rover," the groups' attorney Terry Lodge said Wednesday.
The effort has little chance of success.  Read more by clicking here. 

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