Eclipse Resources Looks to Change the Game With Super-Laterals

From Oil and Gas Investor:
“Purple Haze” changed the landscape for rock guitar by introducing the world to an unparalleled talent in Jimi Hendrix. Similarly, Eclipse Resources’ Purple Hayes super-lateral in Guernsey County, Ohio, announced the Utica Shale in a major way when the company released the well’s figures earlier this year. 
The well is the largest onshore horizontal lateral ever drilled in the country. It has a total measured depth of 27,048 ft that was drilled in less than 18 days, with a completed lateral extension of about 18,500 ft. 
The State College, Pa.-based company has been rapidly expanding its lateral lengths—from 2013 to 2015, lengths increased 200% from 6,000 ft to 13,500 ft, according to Oleg Tolmachev, Eclipse’s senior vice president of drilling and completions, who spoke at Hart Energy’s recent DUG East Conference & Exhibition. 
This figure is increased even more when Purple Hayes is factored in, jumping to 300%. 
The total drilling and completion costs for the well were $850 per lateral foot, which Tolmachev said will improve well economic costs in the region. 
“Drilling a super-lateral creates a huge step change…by making the area more economical and resilient in a low commodity price environment. We expect 20% to 30% improvement in [finding and development] F&D costs by reducing the number of vertical penetrations to develop the reservoir, which will reduce the associated costs such as well pads and rig movements,” he said.
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