BP's Departure From Trumbull County is a Loss for Many

From Shale Play:
Canfield-based Pecchia Communications had been supporting BP America through their public relations as the company explored the possibility of oil and gas development in the Mahoning Valley. 
"BP will be missed," said Dan Pecchia, president of Pecchia Communications. 
"The local and Houston leaders seemed genuine about doing all the right things here. They honored their commitments to landowners and seemed deeply interested in what local people thought of the company. 
"They freed up sizable sums for local donations, and also sought out the best beneficiaries for those donations," Pecchia said. 
Along with BP's departure will be a loss of a corporate partner that invested $100,000 in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program for Trumbull County students and provided smoke detectors through the fire chief's association.
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