BP Using Temporary Water Lines to Reduce Truck Traffic for Water Delivery

From the Tribune Chronicle:
Thousands of feet of large white- and-black tubing snakes through yards, woods and alongside roadways, disappearing into the ground only to reappear on the other side of roadways in this rural township in eastern Trumbull County.
The temporary above-ground pipeline visible from state Route 305 near Bushnell-Campbell Road was installed to haul millions of gallons of fresh water, according to officials from BP North America Gas and the Trumbull County Engineer's Office, to the area's newly drilled Buckeye Well, just northwest of Hartford Township center. The water is necessary to hydraulically fracture the well, a process that begins releasing fossil fuels products from shale pockets hidden deep underground.
It's the second local BP well fracked with water piped rather than trucked to the site, an innovative way of aligning cost-saving measures and safety, said BP Director of Government and Public Affairs Curtis L. Thomas.
Read the whole article here. 

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