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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Slow Week for Utica Shale Permitting, But Wells Drilled Count Takes a Big Jump

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources didn't approve very many new permits for drilling in Ohio's Utica shale last week, but that doesn't mean there isn't some activity reflected on the latest weekly permitting report.

Only 7 permits were approved in the week ending July 27.  3 of those were for Belmont County, 3 more were for Carroll County, and 1 was for Columbiana County.

Those bring the total number of approved permits to 819.  In contrast, there were 24 new permits approved last week.

Where the numbers took a big leap, though, was in the wells drilled count.  Last week that number was 390.  This week it jumped by 70, all the way to 460.  By county, the increases were:

COUNTY           OLD COUNT          NEW COUNT            INCREASE
Belmont                        8                                14                              6
Carroll                        190                             206                            16
Columbiana                  42                               44                              2
Guernsey                      16                               20                              4
Harrison                       44                               63                             19
Mahoning                      5                                 7                               2
Monroe                        13                               20                              7
Noble                           23                               32                              9
Trumbull                        0                                 5                               5

The number of wells producing also increased, from 117 to 119.  Meanwhile, the Utica rig count went down from 36 to 31.

View the report by clicking here. 

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