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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ohio Senator Wants to Eliminate Deep Well Injection of Brine

From the Energy & Environmental Law Blog:
Senator Skindell has introduced S.B. 178 in part to prohibit brine disposal in Ohio through Class II injection wells:  "To amend sections 1509.01, 1509.02, 1509.03, 1509.05, 1509.06, 1509.08, 1509.21, 1509.22, 1509.222, 1509.223, and 1509.224, to enact section 1509.051, and to repeal section 1509.226 of the Revised Code to prohibit land application and deep well injection of brine, to prohibit the conversion of wells, and to eliminate the injection fee that is levied under the Oil and Gas Law."
The original post can be viewed here.

The senator clearly is advocating a halt to drilling activity as well, since no guidelines are provided for what he thinks should be done with brine instead of disposing of it in injection wells, which is indisputably recognized as the safest method of disposal.

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