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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fracktivists Disappointed With Protest Turnout in PA

From the Times-Tribune:
An opportunity to get even a moment of attention from the president of the United States or the several thousands assembled to see him would typically attract more than a handful of special interests groups protesting or advocating for their issue.
But not in Scranton.
Other than about 50 natural gas drilling opponents leafleting, talking into bullhorns and passing out materials Friday, no one with an ax to grind made themselves visible outside the Lackawanna College student union before President Barack Obama's appearance in the Electric City.
A smaller group of protesters, although one with a more varied agenda, greeted Mr. Obama on Jefferson Avenue as his motorcade entered and left the city.
The relatively light turnout came as a disappointment to some of the itinerant natural gas drilling opponents, who made similar demonstrations outside Mr. Obama's recent appearance in Syracuse, N.Y., a city larger than Scranton, but one with similar demographics.
Among the hundreds of demonstrators in Syracuse were the American Muslim Society demanding the U.S. act to stop the killing in Egypt, a group decrying U.S. unmanned drone strikes, privacy groups opposed to National Security Agency surveillance and people defending leakers Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.
The sign wavers outside Lackawanna College hoped to share their indignation with others making their respective issues known to the president and people.
"It's sad, really," said Wendy Lee of Lewisburg, a member of Shale Justice, one of several shale groups represented Friday.
Read the whole article here. 

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