Monday, September 24, 2012

Today's Links: Kent Looks to Ban Fracking, Buckeye Brine Facility Near Completion, Auto Dealers in Columbiana Enjoying Shale Boom, AP Reports on Government's Fracking Contributions, Business Seminar Coming Up

I am on vacation this week, but will still try to at least post daily links to stories, even if I don't have time to do several individual articles.  Here is the news today:  Kent group seeks measures to keep fracking out of city

Coshocton Tribune:  Buckeye Brine injection facility near completion

Coshocton Tribune:  Safety a priority for Buckeye Brine, but brine injection concerns remain

EID Ohio:  Auto Dealerships Share the Community Benefits of Shale Development

Worcester Telegram & Gazette:  Decades of federal dollars have helped fuel gas boom

Marcellus Drilling News:  AP Erroneously Says Government Discovered Fracking (subscription required)

Herald Star:  Business seminar to focus on shale boom

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