Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/20 Links: 26 Dead From Pipeline Fire, Utica Shale Prospects Good (or Bad, Depending on Who You Ask), Frack Fact Check, New Anti-Fracking Group in Ohio, Shale Gas Exporting Update, Youngstown Delays Lease Decision, Drillers Looking to Use Less Water, Sean Lennon Insults Non-Fracktivist on Twitter, Frack Attack from New York

Yahoo News:  26 killed in Mexico pipeline fire near US border

Businessweek:  Utica Shale Prospects Dim Amid Disappointing Lease Offers

Columbus Business First:  Expert panel bullish on Utica shale potential

WVIZ:  Fact Checking Fracking: Can Fracking Trigger Earthquakes?

WOUB:  New Anti-Fracking Group Takes Different Approach

Fuel Fix:  Gas-export study delay puts U.S. projects in limbo for this year

Tribune Chronicle:  Youngstown delays gas lease vote

San Antonio Express-News:  Drillers looking at cutting need for lots of water

Mail Online:  Sean Ono Lennon tells woman she is "an argument for abortion" after she challenges his environmentalist views

Village Voice:  New York Fracking: Boom or Doom

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