Rover and NEXUS Seek to Have Their Taxes Slashed

One of the selling points touted by the companies behind the NEXUS and Rover pipelines as they sought approval and community support was the amount of property tax revenue that would be generated by their operation in Ohio. 

Now the companies are seeking to have the amount of taxes they pay out be drastically reduced.  From the Canton Repository:
Stark County Auditor Alan Harold said the state told him last week that Rover was seeking to cut its 2019 assessment by roughly 50 percent. 
In an email, spokeswoman Alexis Daniel wrote that the pipeline was a major project with many nuances and Rover is working with the state to determine an accurate valuation. 
NEXUS is seeking to cut its statewide taxable value 30 percent from $1.4 billion to roughly $996 million, according to a copy of the appeal provided by spokesman Adam Parker. 
NEXUS argues it needs the reduction because the $2.6 billion pipeline cost $400 million than expected and it lost market share to other pipelines during an 11-month delay in federal approval. 
“Nexus is committed to paying a fair and justified property tax based on the true market value of the pipeline and looks forward to developing future economic and taxing opportunities in Ohio,” Parker wrote in an email.

Until the appeals are decided, the pipelines must pay taxes on the undisputed portion of their valuations. 
After the Department of Taxation issues a decision, the companies or the affected counties can appeal to the Board of Tax Appeals.
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