Tuscarawas County Eagerly Anticipating Oil Benefits

Chesapeake Energy rig in Carroll County
  • An unemployment rate of 5 percent or lower by the end of 2012
  • 5,000 to 10,000 new Tuscarawas County residents
  • New pockets of significant wealth
The challenge for local officials will be to organize and plan for the increased traffic and number of students enrolled in local schools, as well as the effects on the local infrastructure.  Eadon feels the time to discuss these issues is now.  "We need community and educational leaders discussing these issues frankly and openly with leaders of the oil and gas industry. We need to start it now. Two years from now will be too late."

Carroll County has already experienced community benefits from the presence of these companies, including Chesapeake Energy donating $50,000 to the Carroll County YMCA and Rex Energy and S.U.R.E. donating $10,000 to the junior fair board. 

The surge in positive attitude of county residents may be the biggest benefit, though.  The increase in jobs has led to an increase in morale.  Select Energy Services has added to the excitement with a mid-January announcement of plans to hire 200 workers to be based in Carrollton.  Select Energy is also seeking to purchase about 30 acres in the Carrollton area to serve as a base of operations for its Utica Shale exploration.

Tuscarawas County residents hope that they will very soon start feeling these same effects.  (READ THE ENTIRE TIMES REPORTER ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE)

Are you positive about the activity in the area?  Or perhaps you have concerns?  Sound off in the comments and let us know what's on your mind!

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