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Monday, January 8, 2018

Lawyer Behind Community Fracking Bans Hit With Legal Sanctions

From Natural Gas Now:
Tom Linzey, the arrogant spoiled attorney who founded and runs the CELDF, has been getting away with conning communities and funders for many years now. Like the snake-oil salesman he is, he’s sold his bogus “Community Bill of Rights Ordinance” (CBR) concept to communities from Maine to New Mexico, losing every step of the way, but never paying a penalty for bad faith lawyering. 
Tom Linzey is a Marxist, or worse, by any definition but has developed a nice gig offering free legal services to communities looking for any way possible to stop this or that. They provide the platform and useful idiots such as Leonard DiCaprio, Adelaide Park Gomer, Henry Wallace’s descendants fork over the money that has allowed Linzey to pursue his radical agenda. The gig may be up in one case, though. Federal Judge Susan Paradise Baxter has had it with the CELDF and the bully Tom Linzey. She’s just sanctioned him and fellow CELDF attorney Elizabeth Duane with $52,000 in legal sanctions for their “clearly unreasonable” lawyering. 
There are no better words to explain happened than those from Judge Baxter’s opinion, who found the CELDF attorneys had acted in bad faith. She also found another attorney (Lindsey Schromen-Warrin) representing two radical local groups probably deserved sanctioning but the request for such had not been timely.
Read more, including excerpts of the judicial decision, by clicking here.

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